crosslight“Like a lamb brought to the slaughter, He didn’t speak a word. It was excruciating watching Him have to bear this unjust punishment.” – Levi (false witness at Jesus’ trial who later excepted Him as Savior)

“I’ll never forget the blood streaming down His sides as He labored under the weight of that cross. But it wasn’t just that cross, was it? He 0618bore the entire world on those shoulders . . . I’ll never forget.” – Hannah (woman who mourned for Jesus while He marched to Golgotha

“The weeping was getting louder but it was equally challenged by the jeers and spitting that nailed that Jesus. I’m proud to say I spit on Him too!” – Gad (man who watched Jesus walk by, carrying his sins)

“His blood ran down my cheek and back as I walked beside Him. The weight was great for me and I had not been beaten and jeered at. My tears mixed with the blood that dripped from the cross and splattered on the ground together.” – Simon of Cyrene (carried Jesus’ cross to Golgotha)

“When I first say His bleeding body I looked at the coming execution with a little dread. Granted, I had the stomach of a Roman soldier . . . but something about this crucifixion just unnerved me.” – Flavius (Roman soldier who guarded Jesus’ tomb later that day)

“His peace in the midst of agony just set me off. If this was the Salvation we have waited for, then I am ready!” Ahaz (thief who hung by Jesus’ side)

“Like a shaking foundation, my life fell apart into the arms of the Holy Man: the Son of God!” – Pontus (Centurion watching the crucifixion)

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