bookopenRemember when we looked at what the Smithsonian had to say about the Bible and its contents? You can click HERE for the official response from the Smithsonian on the validity of the Bible.

When I first saw that letter, I wrote, “I wasn’t surprised to hear it, I was just surprised they would admit it so blatantly!” I know what the Bible contains. I know it is true. I don’t need a letter from the Smithsonian to tell me that.

See, if the Bible didn’t change lives and teach truth, then why do people fight it? If it is a lie, then they have nothing to worry about. They will die. We will die. Nothing will change if we do or do not believe in the Bible.

However, if it is the truth, then they will fight. Humans are naturally evil. They naturally fight the truth.

Have you ever thought how you don’t have to teach a baby how to throw a fit? They naturally do it. You don’t have to teach people how to be bad; they are all naturals at it.

But, since the Bible is true, people fight it. They naturally hate it and what it teaches. So, who says it is a just a dusty old book now?

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