booksoldI read about a survey done the other day by the Barna Group. Their subject was how many people read the Bible.

The survey found that one in five Americans read their Bible a couple times a week and still view it as the Word of God. It also showed that one in five Americans doubt the Bible. They say this is twice the amount found back in 2011.

Can you guess what age range was experiencing the biggest drop in reliance on the Word of God? Those 28-29 years of age were the ones doubting the Bible the most. Is this any surprise? For me, not really.

See, I’m approaching this age group. I know what life is like. This world is so crooked and depraved that my generation is encouraged not to read the Bible. Even at church, we are given excuses not to read our Bible. We are told the Bible is scary. What is wrong?

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