bulbDoing a school assignment last night, I stumbled upon another response I had from a friend of mine. We didn’t always agree (especially on big topics, like abortion, creation, etc.) but, after reading my two-part series on extinction (which you can read HERE and HERE) he said (comment left exactly as written):

Jacob, I actually agree with you here. There is also further scientific evidence that supports this. Some of that includes the fact that after the dinosaurs suffered their mass extinction, sea life became the most abundant life forms of earth. Shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct, the giant shark known as Megalodon was the apex predator of the ocean. Imagine an 80-foot-long shark. That’s what a megalodon is. The megalodon was also driven to extinction by a much smarter life form that wasn’t a fish, but a mammal. That animal is known today as the Orca, of killer whale. Given the fact that the Orcas hunted in packs, and they were just that much smarter than sharks, who only have two basic fuctions: swim and eat. This flood may have also allowed for humans to become the superior species on land. Great article, and I can’t wait for this to be posted. You would make a great scientist! You provided evidence that only makes too much sense! Brilliant!

OK, so I didn’t turn his mind on evolution (because that wasn’t the purpose of my article) but I did change his mind on the validity of the Flood as described in the Bible. You should know, this kid wasn’t one to easily agree with me. He didn’t agree unless he had too (as you can see by the beginning of his comment). Well, when I first received that comment, it made my day!

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