Gigantoraptor caused a lot of discussion when it was unearthed in China. According to estimates, this dinosaur weighed 1.5 tons, and scientists believe the skeletons they found may be from a young adult that was not fully grown.

Of course, not a single flying creature in all of history has ever been recorded as weighing even near 1 ton. Actually, the weight of this dinosaur would make it impossible to fly!
New Picture

Of course, as can be seen from the artist’s reconstruction (left) of this dinosaur, evolutionists have put feathers on this creature. However, there have been absolutely zero feathers of any kind found with Gigantoraptor. The following comes straight from the team who found the dinosaur:

“While the dinosaur’s remains didn’t include any feathers, which rarely fossilize, its close link to more primitive feathered oviraptorosaurs suggest it very likely did have a feathered tail and arms,” the team said. [Emphasis mine]

These scientists saw bones that they thought resembled other dinobirds (which don’t exist) so they just naturally assumed that it had feathers.

Sinosauropteryx was a supposed dinobird when they found “feather-like” structures surrounding the creature. These structures are now being identified as collagen (a fibrous protein that is found in skin, bones, etc) that was ruffled up when this dinosaur was buried and fossilized.

Microraptor (one of the most popular “dinobirds”)is a bird that could fly well (feathers are designed like that of strong fliers today).

Sinornithosaurus millenii (found with “down-like” structures) was spoken of by an evolutionist. He said that he believes the “downy feathers” found on this dinosaur were just some more collagen. And that is coming down (no pun intended) from an evolutionist.

Protarchaeopteryx robusta and Caudipteryx zoui were birds that were probably flightless. They were definitely birds though because they even used a “gizzard stone” that many birds use today. Theropods, from which birds supposedly evolved from, did not use this gizzard stone.

Archaeoraptor liaoningensis was stark proof for dinosaur-to-bird evolution . . . until it was proven a fraud.

As can be seen from the above examples, any creature that is found with feathers is either a bird or a fraud; not a single dinosaur has been found with feathers!

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