waterdripSomething I learned while camping . . . never touch the side of a tent when it is wet. Why? Well, it begins to leak, and drip, drip, drip, drip, you get the idea. Just a light touch from your finger is enough for the water droplets to accumulate and transfer through the tent walls. Not fun, at all!

Dear reader, sin has many forms, actions and comparisons . . . you guessed it, water is one of them!

I have found, our lives are like living in tents. We remain protected from a lot of things, like the rain. But, the rain falls on our tents and clings to them. We are safe from them but they are still surrounding us.

Now, think about this. You are hot inside your tent. You reach over and touch the tent wall, wanting to feel the water on your fingers. The rain accumulates and starts to leak through. First, you feel the water and enjoy the cooling it brings. But, it gets out of control. The leak widens and water is dripping into your dry tent.

You are getting sick of behaving. You want just a taste of sin, because you know it will bring some pleasure. You reach over and touch the protective covering over you. You get the pleasure and barely realize the leak.

Well, you like it so much yo keep doing it and soon enough, your leak has spread . . . your protective covering is compromised. But, you are still hot and sick of behaving. You keep touching; keep doing that sin. You can’t control yourself. Your tent isn’t the only thing that has now been compromised.

You are compromised.

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