stars-galaxies-pia04936_1280x1024_48865In today’s media, you will often hear them talking about how God couldn’t possibly care about individual people. “God couldn’t be worried about us, when He has all the world to run!” This is another incorrect view of God.

We humans try to understand supernatural things by applying it to our standards. We think that God is a huge old guy and has a great big beard and mustache (I’ve seen “Christian” coloring books that show God as a gigantic old man three times the size of the earth with such a beard). Of course, those kinds of thoughts and pictures clearly contradict the Bible.

But, you know what? God isn’t limited to our puny comprehension! We can not view God like we view other humans. God is not a human . . . never was.

Truth is, God is not limited to time, space, energy or matter. He can do everything in every time in every situation no matter what! Nothing can, will or does limit Him in any way! Our incorrect view of God’s limits need to end if we want to truly understand Who He is!

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