fightAt the end of my first year as editor-in-chief of my school’s website/newspaper, we were having our last meeting to get the final issue out. I had interviewed Ray Comfort on his first documentary, 180. Mr. Comfort gave me great answers so I made it into a review for our newspaper. You can see the interview HERE.

In our newspaper we have the various sections: Science, Features, Entertainment, Opinion, etc. My article was an interview with the producer of a movie and it was, essentially a review. I had done many other interview/reviews and every time my articles went into the Entertainment section. This time, because the movie was pro-life, the teacher, and every single student (except another Christian girl I knew), thought the review should go into Opinion.

To the average person this might not be a big deal but, to me, who has seen the inner workings of how people respond to the different sections, it did not set well. I instantly protested and then it was the whole class against me.

It quickly dissolved into a discussion on abortion, which neither me nor the teacher wanted. Finally, after learning a whole lot about the attitudes of my peers towards abortion, I was able to state my case and I won. The article went in the Entertainment section and lost none of its credibility under the branding of “opinion”.

I was very grateful. Fortunately, the little skirmish had not developed into anything big and I was able to get the 180 movie and a favorable interview and review onto our school’s website!

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