Tissot_The_Taking_of_JerichoThe last few days I have seen a ton of shows and articles trying to disprove the Bible. That is why I found that letter from the Smithsonian so refreshing . . .  finally a secular place that admitted that the Bible is the most accurate book we have.

Remember The Bone That Broke the Camel’s Back? The Bible was said to be wrong because some scientists did selective science and claimed it was the whole story. They manipulated the evidence to say what they wanted it to say.

A show I watched on the Bible tried to disprove the account of Joshua. They tried a variety of ways to disprove it and they came to the conclusion that the account of Joshua was a myth. However, I was scratching my head. I didn’t get a single point they had made. They hadn’t examined any evidence logically or made any sense. All they did was say over and over, “there is no proof the Israelites entered Canaan by military conquest”.

The whole show was almost trying to brainwash people. They said the above phrase so many times that was all you came away with at the end. I couldn’t remember much of their “arguments”. I could only think of “there is no proof the Israelites entered Canaan by military conquest”. Makes you wonder about the tactics they are now using.

Anyway, before my mind was overflowed with that phrase, I noticed all their arguments contradicted each other. They proposed three different theories to try to disprove the Bible. Of course, not one made any sense, but they kept presenting arguments that had very little evidence or that didn’t even contradict the Bible. The show contradicted itself!

I’m just continually surprised in the attitude people take with the Bible. If we are trying to find the truth, why do we keep trying to disprove it?

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