tree stumpI know that few of you are poetry fans, but I think the following is one of my best works and just had to share it.

The Ole’ Tree Stump


He refuses to burn it,
He refuses to blow it up,
He won’t leave it.

That tree stump has been there
for years,
He only uses an ax,
An old thing he could never throw away.

A shovel helps him,
A new one he brought just for the purpose,
He got it on the way home.

He doesn’t come in,
He sleeps outside
He works on it all day.

He is raging at the world,
For taking his baby from him.

He’s so mad,
He’s so angry,
He’s so torn.

Yesterday he cut through a root,
He cried for hours.

Today he cut the main root,
He sat quietly.

The ole’ tree stump will be dead and gone,
Just like our baby girl,
Our beautiful baby girl.

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