800px-Frenchbread3000ppxIt is probably universally thought that stealing half a loaf of bread isn’t as bad as stealing a whole loaf. You know, half the crime and all? But, you know what? It is a lot easier to notice. If a baker has 20 loaves of bread out, do you think he will notice one loaf missing before he notices half of one missing? He would notice half a loaf gone first.

Why? Because of the half left behind. Someone is more likely to notice 19 1/2 out of 20 loaves of bread than 19 out of 20. The half loaf left behind leaves a lot of suspicion.

People try to justify certain sins by saying they could be worse. They may say, “Sure, I hate someone, but I haven’t murdered anyone.”

Or, “yeah, I’ve borrowed things without asking, but I’m not a thief.” The list can go on forever.

The truth is, these “little” sins, leave something behind. Every time one is committed, it leaves a bit of the human soul there. Finally, bit by bit, the human has been completely enslaved by sin. Nothing can save them . . . except for Christ.

Today, remember, half a loaf of bread is missed more than a whole one.

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