03-koshki-rescued-asiatic-cheetah-670-590x428Cheetahs are about the only cool cat out there. OK, so I’m not a cat lover, but I’m not a cat hater either. Anyways, if you look at the cheetah you will notice the streamline body. The camouflaged fur. The small face, sensitive ears and huge eyes. Let’s stop there; on the eyes.

Notice how the eyes point forward? This gives the cheetah depth perception like humans. This depth perception makes him a good hunter. His eyes tell him how far away the prey is and his mind tells him when to run and pounce. Without this depth perception the poor cheetah would be eating dust . . .  literally.400px-Dorcasgazellemarwell

Now, look at its prey (to the right). Notice how his eyes are on either side of his face. For humans, that would kind of be like having our eyes by our ears.

Now, this eye position eliminates depth perception (if you want to see what it looks like, close one eye for a couple of minutes and walk around, you will eventually notice a difference in the perception of objects). That basically means that it is a good thing they are eating grass instead of chasing prey.

But, where it loses its advantage in depth perception, it gains in range. With the eyes positioned here, this prey item can see in almost all directions at all times.

Whereas a predator needs eyes to capture the prey, the prey needs eyes to detect the predator and run for it! So, wondering if it is prey or predator? Check its eyes! Amazing how God created it all so balanced like this!

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