design (19)Atheists and Christians have a bit of a problem. Christians look at the world and say, “wow, God must have created all this beauty.” Atheists look at the world and say, “wow, how could a merciful, all-loving God allow all this suffering, death and pain?”

The truth is, Christians are falling short of explaining more than just the beauty of creation. Atheists, however, are guilty of a bait-and-switch tactic. They claim to argue with science, then try to get people from believing in God with theological arguments. This isn’t science, but theology.

Christians, however, want to use a scientific, theological and logical statement to prove their stance.

We are essentially saying that only a knowledgeable (scientific) Being could create everything around us, that He would choose to create it for us (theological) and everything is in a perfect order that could only be designed by a Creator (logical). See, easy.

Such arguments are easy to form and critical for explaining the deeper things of the creation debate! How about you write one down right now and memorize it? A short challenge for you.

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