huge lightning stormWhen I first saw a “Magic Eye” 3D illusion book, I was confused. I couldn’t get the pictures to come out of the page. Finally, one of my brothers did it and I soon followed. I was completely shocked! I thought it was Satan playing tricks on my eyes, and I’m dead serious.

I saw no plausible explanation for images coming out of a page. I convinced myself it was magic and thus from Satan. But, my brothers and sisters, not so easily convinced, kept looking at the other pages as the pictures popped out of the page.

I tell you the truth, I almost went to throw the book away or somehow dispose of it. However, eventually I learned that the book was not magical, just specially made to trick the eye. It took me awhile to calm my fears down but I eventually accepted it.

Moral of the story: I was wrong. I know, I know, it seems unbelievable but it is true! I had let the seemingly evil appearance of an innocent (and amazing) book impact my judgment and actions. I had judged a book by its cover . . . literally.

My overall point is, Christ commanded us not to judge people and their sins until we have had the same sin removed from ourselves first. If we no longer have the sin in ourselves then we can see clearly enough to help remove the blinding grip that same sin might be having on another person.

We have to move deeper than the skin-bound cover of another person and in order to do that we have to have the sin removed from ourselves.

Funny, nobody tells a doctor he is judging them when he tells them they have a certain disease. Nobody rails at him for being judgmental. However, if Christians say that humanity is dying of a disease called sin, we get called out as judgmental people and are verbally stoned. An interesting thought . . .

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