letterwriteI have been homeschooled all my life and only ever entered a public school building once to see where my Grandma worked. I have never sat at a desk with other kids, until this last Wednesday.

I was looking into a local college and sat through three lectures. Sitting there with a combination of 50 other teens or adults was definitely interesting.

Before going to that college I was %100 satisfied with being homeschooled all my life. After going there I’m %102 ecstatic I was homeschooled all my life!

I saw such immaturity. Teens and adults couldn’t even talk right, they lazily slurred their words, uninterested in being respectful or attentive to the professor. I saw laziness and disdain sitting at desks just like mine . . .

Once again, as I noted when I was young (well, younger), teens and adults of this age are more immature than many children. All they can think about is doing what they have planned for the day which includes: nothing of any true importance. This is today’s youth and young adults . . . what do we do?

First off, we need to start where these kids started: in school. Homeschooling is the best way to educate your children. The parent can take charge of what his or her child learns. This creates strong family bonds and educational achievements. Some of the greatest people in American and world history were homeschooled (like Abraham Lincoln).

God designed the family to be just that, a family. He did not ordain sending the kids off to have the government teach them while the parents go work or stay at home. This is not the Biblical plan for education. Education should start in the home!

If we start education in the home, then we can fix some of this generation’s problems before they effect the next generation.

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