480px-Rubik's_cubeI, occasionally, like to bewilder my friends by bringing out my Rubik’s cube. I have them mix it up and, if I’m not shaking too much, I can fix it in under two minutes. My record is 1:48, I’m proud of that. I know some people can do it in mere seconds but two minutes is enough to leave an impact.

For some, trying to solve a scrambled Rubik’s cube is like walking on water. For others, it seems like a not-so-hard task but yet they may fail or spend hours upon hours before figuring it out. For me, now, trying to solve a Rubik’s cube is like . . . well, like solving something you know how to solve.

For some, certain issues or problems in life can be like a scrambled Rubik’s cube. They view the complications as impassable, nothing can beat them down. Life is impossible. For them, let me go back to the walking on water.

To have faith in Jesus Christ is to trust Him with everything you have and everything you are. Faith is literally putting your life in Jesus’ hands. Ya’ll know enough about Peter and his walking on water to know what I’m striking at. Things may look impossible, but not when Jesus is in control.

For others, they have enough faith to make it by. It may take awhile but it eventually works out.

And for the rest, they have their faith in Christ and they know that He will work all things together for good, to those who love the LORD and are called according to His purposes.

So, when next you encounter a Rubik’s cube in life, which person are you going to be? Don’t touch the cube? Wrestle with the cube? Or solve the cube?

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