missileYeah, I basically feel like the target of that missile. Today, I’ll be delivering another speech in front of 50 adults including many elected officials. Please pray for me as I deliver the following speech for Reach America:

I grew up in a family of 15. Twelve siblings and my mom and dad. I saw my older brothers and sister go through adolescence and I was determined not to handle it like they did. I passed with flying colors . . . but, no need to check that with my parents!

Anyway, my whole life I’ve been friends with some older people, and you’d be surprised how often I hear how influential they think I will be. Some of them congratulate me on my faith and passion and others, the impact I will have when I’m older. I never accepted that.

When I was about 14, I set up my own website and started studying. I wanted to do everything I could to reach people with Christ. I’d get people’s addresses and send them a letter,  preaching the Gospel. I’d hand out tracts and do whatever online witnessing I could.  I did all this within the last 3 years of my life.

Teenagers are highly underestimated. Children are highly underestimated. We are in the stages of our lives where we can be of the most influence to other teens and adults.  We are also in the stage of our life when we are most influenced.

At Reach America, we are using that age of influence to train teens up to impact this world. We are creating a Christ-centered Counter-culture where teens can be raised up as leaders. We are a group of teens called to reach America, and we are doing it.

I urge the teens and adults in this room to help us bring back America to the nation our founding fathers established! Will you help us?

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