sky_rockIn Mulan II (what? I have a lot of younger siblings!) the message is proclaimed often that the world is based on balance. Rain, sun and soil must work together to grow a plant. Dark and light, though different, must work together to create day and night. Harmony, balance, etc. were words often used throughout the film.

But, I found something interesting: never once in the entire show does it explain the origin of this balance. I mean, everything having a counterpart and relying on that counterpart to help something is a big concept.

Many people try to explain the concept of balance with evolution. One big problem, and many little ones: evolution needs balance to create balance. Something cannot create what it needs to exist, to create it for other things to exist. It would be like a heartless man creating his own heart so he can do heart surgery for other people. It is just impossible.

However, God does not need balance to exist. Balance is described as an equal reaction between two forces. Such as a scale. You put one gram on one side and you put one gram on the other and the scale is balanced. God doesn’t need that because there is nothing in the entire universe, and beyond, that can equal God.

So, basically, God can create balance because He does not need it to exist. This is the only explanation that fits for the origins of balance (and every other thing).

If you want to see evolution totally disproved, watch the following video from Ray Comfort:

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