heaven-or-hellfire2The Biblical understanding of Hell is burning up in today’s world. Hell just isn’t viewed seriously anymore. Even among Christians, Hell is a sensitive subject and one rarely discussed. In fact, Christians are encouraged not to talk about Hell and they label those that do as “hell-fire” preachers, teachers, etc.

Why is Hell a subject many people do not want to bring up? I would guess that it has its roots in the same reasoning of a different subject.

Think of the subject of jail, prison, detention centers, etc. Normally people don’t like to talk about those places because they can bring up painful memories. But, do you know one of the main reasons such things are not brought up often? Because they are the place that reminds people of the crimes someone has committed. People don’t like to be reminded about that.

That same reasoning is what is applied to Hell, but at a greater level. People seriously think that a morally perfect and just God would not create Hell (or a prison) or sentence people to it. People seriously believe that. They don’t want to talk, hear or think about Hell because it reminds them that they are going there for their crimes/sins.

This is a touchy subject for sure. If there is one thing humans hate, it is being reminded how pathetic they are and speaking about Hell reminds them of that. Tomorrow, with the video I will be sharing from Ray Comfort, you will be able to see what telling people about Hell can do . . . be ready to have your eyes opened!

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