When I was 16, I walked past a couple of adults in their early-twenties. They were being rude and swearing, among other vulgar things. Afterwards, I asked my mom a question, “why do I have to be more mature than 21-year-olds?”

That question has had me thinking ever since then. Every once and awhile I remember I asked that question and think about what has changed.

I was so disappointed back when I first asked that question. Was this what all teens did? Is this how they all acted? I was a little scared about the world I was going to be living in. Someday, would my children by working for these same people?

In just the last six months, I have been exposed to a large group of teens ranging from middle-school to college-age. I have seen something new in America: maturity among teens. I have seen a change. I have seen an army, ready for battle. I have seen a hope for the world! I have seen . . . a group of mature teens!

The world is being swallowed up by people from 13-25 years of age. Their immaturity and blatant disregard for morals, authority, God, etc. is flooding this world. They are winning a battle they don’t even know they are fighting in!

Imagine what would happen if people from that same age group flooded this world with maturity and blatant respect and obedience to authority, God, etc.? Would we start winning a battle we know we are fighting? Think, and then act, on it . . .

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