pearlsThe most valuable form of pearls are those naturally made by mollusks. These spherical (well, some of them are spherical) guys can sell for thousands of dollars and are considered a rare jewel in any lady’s collection of jewelry.

But, do you know what a pearl really is? A natural pearl is made from mollusks trying to protect themselves from any kind of thing that might be harmful. Pearl-making has been called a “immune-system-like” reaction from a mollusk.

First the mollusk covers the invader with a pearl sac, which eventually, after the mollusk’s constant covering, forms the pearl. So, a pearl is really just a danger covered up in dried mollusk liquid, juice, spit . . . stuff.

But, no matter how disgusting that may sound, people will pay a fortune for that tiny little wonder of a thing. They will pay a fortune and wonder at a little pearl . . . a fat, round, hardened bit of bacteria! I find it just fascinating that such a tiny thing can hold so much wonder and fortune.

Which makes me wonder, if such a tiny piece of bacteria can deserve so much attention, why don’t human babies in the womb get that same kind of attention . . . no, better attention? How come a large bacteria is more important than a human?

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