leadcomputersMy whole life I have been homeschooled and, for the last 10 years, been living out in the country. I have had very few face-to-face friends my age and thus have developed some friendships over the internet. Many of these I got to know over my online school.

Although I have met few of them face-to-face, our friendships have gotten to the point where we can talk honestly about issues that we face. Since starting these online friendships I have noticed that the internet can be a powerful tool.

In this age, the internet is being used to spread all kinds of vile information, and vulgar forms of entertainment. For that reason, many frown upon Christians getting on the internet to reach people. I completely understand that position, but I disagree with it.

If youth, and adults, can form good friendships over the web, to people they could not normally reach, then I believe that is completely biblical, as Christ said to go into all the world. I know many have been impacted by what I have written on this site, but that would have never happened had I not gotten on the internet and started this site.

Turns out, the internet can be a gigantic tool for reaching this lost world. Billions of people are on the web every single day and it is said that every so many seconds another person is introduced to the web for the first time.

In the internet, we have a platform that we did not have 10-15 years ago. Christians, the biggest platform, the internet, has been made and we have the right, command and ability to use it for Christ! Let’s do it!

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