chesspawnI’m a pretty big fan of chess. I absolutely love playing it and am pretty much the champion in my family. Once, I challenged my uncle to a game that lasted nearly 4 hours. It ended with me saying checkmate with my king and queen against his king. It was a tough (and long) game, but I was able to win.

There is something oddly nice about playing a game of chess. It isn’t mindless thumb-twiddling drudgery like so many games today. If you don’t make chess your life, it can sharpen your mind like no other game and provides hours of fun (and the occasional headache).

Chess is a mental and strategy challenge! If you have ever done chess challenges you know they rely off heavyweight brain-pumping and strategies that may turn the seemingly impossible into “checkmate”! Chess is no game for dummies, that is certain. You need a good brain to be able to play chess and be good at it.

You know one thing chess definitely does not require? Faith or belief! You don’t need to have faith to play chess. You have the control right with your chess pieces. This is important because, according to some people, faith is weak and for the stupid and mislead. It wouldn’t have any place in a chess game.

With that in mind, and considering many of the people who say such things about faith are the ones interviewed, watch the following video. See how their double standard doesn’t work out so well!

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