Jacques-Louis_David_-_Oath_of_the_Horatii_-_Google_Art_ProjectThe world is on the brink of the end. Not much longer, and it will go beyond the point of no return. Something must be done.

The above picture depicts the Oath of Horatti. The legend goes that, when Rome and a place called Alba Longa were battling, that it was agreed on both sides that they would end the war with a contest. They agreed that if three men of Rome fought three men from Alba Longa, that whoever won would win the war.

Long story short, the sons of Horatti, Rome, won the fight, though only one survived. His brothers were killed and the last Horatti won by separating his opponents and killing them one-by-one. It may be only a legend but it gives us a little insight into what we can do to turn the tides of the battle for the souls of mankind.

We are facing off with an army that is trying to bring as many souls as possible to eternal Hell. There is only one way to start breaking the enemy forces . . . making leaders/warriors that will unite and take out the foes. Crash through their ranks and disarm them . . . we need leaders!

We need united leaders. We need leaders that will devote their life to Christ and allow Him to run it completely through His will. So, this will begin a new series for Already Answered, On the Brink. The world is on the brink of destruction . . . what can we do to start pushing it back?

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