I really have no clue what to write about. I have successfully frozen up three computers and couldn’t got on my own site to write this article. They kept saying I had the incorrect password but I knew I was entering the right one. Finally they locked me out and I had a very difficult time getting to even write this! Basically, it has been an amazing day, what about yours?

Obviously I’m kidding. It hasn’t been a great day. Now, I’m not the type of person to get depressed or not be content or happy with what I got. I find it easy to count my blessings and I believe it should be easy for others. See, I can count my blessings in my trouble. I don’t just say, “well, that was annoying, but I’m grateful for my health, and my family, etc.” No, I go, “well, that was annoying, but thank you Lord for letting me finally get on my site and write this article!”

The first thankfulness looks outside of the trouble or predicament to find something good, whereas the second looks through the predicament to find something good. What option do you think leaves less hard feelings about a situation?

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