praysitI recently asked for prayer for my brother’s surgery and my brother’s wife’s pregnancy. Well, my brother went to surgery, and while they were doing it, found out he had had an hernia too so they operated on that. He came out of surgery fine and has been healing up very well.

My brother and his wife had the baby checked again and the problem has been completely fixed. There was a problem with placement of the baby and placenta but ever since my sister-in-law put out the word to pray, it has moved quite fast and the problem is solved.

Thank you to all those who prayed. I realize praying for other people, especially those you do not know, can be hard sometimes. I, more often than not, give less time to praying for others than I should. You know what? With the answers to the above prayers in our minds, how about we evaluate our own prayers?

What do your prayers sound like? Are they a list of “to-do’s” for God? Is it adoration for the Almighty? Evaluate your prayers today. And I mean write down what you think of your prayers. Don’t ask others, evaluate yourself by what you know and what he Bible says . . . I bet you will find some very interesting conclusions.

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