shoesPlease pray for my brother and his wife. She is in her 23rd week of pregnancy and they just found that there are complications that may hurt her and/or the baby. Please pray that everything will return as it should and that the baby would be born healthy and without problems.

Also, my little, 11-year-old brother will be going to surgery tomorrow. Please pray for him as he is awfully nervous about the whole situation.

While you pray for the above, I want you to think about something, as a Christian. If you believe abortion is a choice, why would you pray for the above baby? If abortion is fine, then why shouldn’t any baby die? Why should there be a distinction and why prayer for one and murder for another?

Seriously though, think how that contradicts. Why, if you believe abortion is OK, would you want to support babies? If you believed it just to do the death penalty, would you support those against it or not support those for it? It is a messed up way of thinking.

So, please pray for my brother and his wife and their second baby girl, only if you don’t contradict yourself . . .

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