blackAt the dawn of creation, everything was black and white. Only good existed. Then it changed. Sin and evil entered the world and the universe was cursed because of man’s sin. Then, according to some people, things started to grow gray.

Lies and sins of omission ruled. People said you couldn’t be blamed for sin that “was justified”. Surely some sin was justified. What if it was to protect someone from harm? Would a lie be completely wrong or completely right if it was to protect someone? Believe it or not, one of those options is correct.

As it turns out, God is perfect, Holy, Almighty and just. He cannot accept or condone sin. You are probably waiting for the “but”. Well, there isn’t any. If one is to tell a lie to protect someone, or with otherwise “perfectly good intentions”, it is still completely wrong! A sin is still a sin and sin can never be good.

That is what it all boils down too: can any sin be good? Does a sin exist that can done in a good way? The answer is no. Sin is sin. However, sin can be used by God for good.

For example, if you were to tell a lie to someone to protect their life, it would still be a sin. But, God could use that lie, our sin, for good. God is not limited by sin. Now, do this mean we should sin more and trust God will work it out? Certainly not!

God will always work out a sin for the ultimate better. If you were to commit a normal sin, otherwise, with bad intentions, do you believe God wouldn’t work it out? Why should it be any different with “good intentions”?

So, is there a gray area in sin? No. Sin is still black and white. Salvation is still black and white. There are still absolutes! God will work with what we have done, whether it be sin or not.

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