BibleA little while ago I asked you all for prayer for my family’s dog, my brother’s dog and a sickness that was encroaching on our family. Well, answers were received for those prayers!

Tippy, my family’s dog, had been attacked by a dog and had a deep puncture in her neck. Well, with some home remedies (and prayers, of course), we were able to keep infection out and she has made an almost complete recovery. The puncture is almost gone and she is happy as can be.

Fortunately, none of this cost us a visit to the vet.

My brother’s dog, Brink, is still on the way to recovery. She is getting her attitude back and definitely feeling better. Please continue to pray that she will not have a relapse.

For the most part, my family had healed up. Some of my younger siblings have their lungs shaken up by sicknesses but they usually subside within a week or two. Please pray for them as they go through that!

Thank you for all the prayers!

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