Nowadays, many people are talking about a moral decline in America. They see horrible things go on in America and say that America is only falling deeper into a pit of immorality and sin. It seems as if America is in a downward spiral to a crumbled existence. I agree.

Unless something is done, America will crumble into Satan’s hand. America’s freedom will be gone. Something has to change.

Some people try to change America by changing the minority. This may be a good idea, but it doesn’t hold out for long. The minority can hold impact the minority effectively.

Others try to change the majority. They usually go about this by targeting adults of teens. This is the right majority. Teens are the greatest majority in America and they are being too largely influenced by the world.

However, these people are trying to train the teen through the parent; this doesn’t always work. In order for their to be a true desire to change oneself and do what God says, teens need to be trained right from the get-go.

My main point: less books need to be written on training teens through the parents and more need to be authored on training the teen, personally. The book’s main purpose has to be directed at the teen. Hand-me-down lessons don’t work as well as bringing the meat right to a Christian teen.

Parents are put in an authoritative position, definitely. But, getting a teen to read and study something for himself is much more effective than having him go through it through a parent.

Teens need to be told they can do what God wants them to do, with Christ living through them. Teens need encouragement. They can’t just be taught, they must live what they learn: internalize it! This is how America is too be reached. How will you go about doing it?

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