write45Over 13 months ago, my homeroom teacher had found a problem. He was also my Journalism teacher and his problem can from something I said.

See, for Journalism class, we do a newspaper-on-a-blog sort of thing since we are a virtual school. Well, since we do a newsblog, we also allow students to comment on articles.

One comment came in asking me a question, directly. I answered and signed off:

In Christ Jesus alone,

Jacob Howard

http://www.theyspeak.org (it was They Speak back then)

Well, a few days later I was told that an “administrator” (that could mean a parent of a different student or a teacher) told my Journalism teacher that I should not be signing off like that.

Well, my Journalism teacher wrote me and told me that he would have to remove my signoff from my correspondences and instead say something like this:

Jacob Howard – Editor-in-chief

I was shocked. This teacher was not someone to try and take away someone’s rights but I knew my Christian views, and occasional run-ins, had made him ready for the debate that was sure to follow.

Now, my teacher didn’t think it was a big deal; just don’t sign off with “religious connotations” and we will be good. I saw it as a big issue, infringement on my First Amendment rights, and plain out stupid! How could I offend someone by signing off my communications with my Lord and Savior’s name? I was offended that they would dare restrict my rights.

Truth is, I’ve had many people right me and tell me my signoff makes their day. They see my communications with students and they always see me signoff with Christ. I let Christ write for me and having someone say I can’t do that is just wrong in more ways than one.

Anyway, I told the teacher I would not be removing my signoff from my communications. We argued back and forth and we decided to bring it to the principal. I was ready to leave my position as editor-in-chief (being editor-in-chief means a lot to me but I knew what was right and what was wrong) to see this thing through.

I contacted the principal and she said she’d look into it. Well, days went by, than weeks, then months and the issue was never brought up again and I still have, at the end of all my communications, “In Christ Jesus alone”. If God be for us, who can stand against us?

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