noodlesA good while back we had an online discussion/forum thing going on in one of our classes. It was my Literature class. We were analyzing and discussing a short story. Somehow (don’t look at me, I’m totally innocent . . . sort of) we got on the subject of morals.

Our subject was about the courage, bravery and feelings the man in the story had so we were still on discussion but it quickly took a turn when an atheist kid in the school started talking to me. I make a point to always be respectful and courteous in all my replies and such and was shocked with what this kid said to me.

I signed off each of my discussion posts with:

In Christ Jesus alone,

Jacob Howard

This is how I signed off all my emails and other ways of communication so I did it for school too. Along with this signoff (which I had done in all the others) I explained my views on morals and their origin.

This kid, let’s call him Alex (Bill, John and Jim were a little too overused), got very mad that I was a Christian and was representing my views on morals and the such. He said I had no right to express my religious views. He got so mad that other kids asked him to calm down.

Instead of calming down Alex said that he would be just as mad unless I stopped flaunting my religious views with my signoff. He then said my views in religion are akin to the belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This, apparently, drew the line for some kids.

A Mormon girl I knew responded to Alex and told him that his comment was offensive to her. Alex was quick to write back and told her, I paraphrase, “that comment was not meant to be offensive to you, but to Jacob.” I could hardly believe my eyes (since I was reading it)!

Alex continued to insult me until he was done, refusing to talk to me because of my signoff and beliefs. I was really shocked by what Alex said and did to me. We had started out with my saying that morals came from God and ended with his insults.

I had been insulted by what Alex said but it was only in writing this article that I realized something very offensive in what Alex said.

Alex had compared my beliefs into believing in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I happened to look the Flying Spaghetti Monster up and ran into information that made me sick to the stomach.

As it turns out, there is actually a big group called “Flying Spaghetti Monster” or FSM for short. They have a list of beliefs that all mock the Bible, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and everything God has said and done for us. Their group is extremely offensive to me and everything I believe and hearing someone call my beliefs akin to it, hurts me deeply.

Where is the non-judgmental attitude here?

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