JesusphariseesI figured, since it is Thanksgiving, that I should do at least one article on it. I usually don’t go to much into the holidays, as basically every perspective is covered by thousands of other Christian sites. However, since doing the Reach America program, I think I might have something new to add to the holiday.

Reach America teaches that there are five “levels” to leadership called “LEADS”

Look and See

Encourage and Serve


Develop leaders


Just recently, the teens (and the adults) at Reach America surprised me by sitting me in the middle of the room and reading one encouraging sentence about me. I can honestly say it was one of the most moving gestures ever directed at me (they had done it for most of the other students the day before).

Their “Level 2: Encourage and serve” attitude left a very profound impact on me. And, let me tell you, when it came time for me to ay an encouraging note about a different teen there, it left an even deeper feeling. I wasn’t just receiving the encouragement, I was giving some of it back.

Today, during Thanksgiving, go ahead and say at least one encouraging sentence to one person. Thanksgiving should be about “thanks” and “giving”. I’m thankful I can give you an encouraging note today (and a challenge!).

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