Brooklyn_Museum_-_Woe_unto_You,_Scribes_and_Pharisees_(Malheur_à_vous,_scribes_et_pharisiens)_-_James_TissotThis spring, we talked about King Ahab and how he died. I wrote:

See, Ahab, when he went to war, disguised himself because he didn’t want to be killed. So, instead of dying honorably (if such a word can be related to Ahab) he died by an arrow not even aimed for him.

He had the choice of going into battle and dying with the enemy forces surrounding him, but he was a coward and instead died a slower, less honorable death. The same thing applies to Christians.

If they get out there and fight the right fight with the earnest they are asked to, they will be recognized by the enemy. The enemy, specifically the devil, wants to shoot down the main person causing trouble for him. If you are that main person, he will be going for you.

Unfortunately, we have more “Ahab Christians” than “Jehoshaphat Christians”. If you are a true Christian, you will be attacked by demons. But, if you are changing the world for Christ’s sake and a born-again Christian then you will have the devil at your doorstep.

Ahab was not recognized and he was killed by a “man drew a bow at a venture”. He was not targeted or important to the enemy because they did not recognize who he truly was. So, he was not killed “honorably” but through mistake. This should not be what the Christian works for.

In the world we live in, we are constantly pursued by evil forces trying to snuff us out so we can not be the “light on the hill”, “salt” or bring the Good News. However, some Christians do not even know they are being pursued because, simply, they aren’t.

So many people who call themselves Christians are so cultural that demons have no interest in pursuing or tempting them because they are already going to Hell. They were only pretenders . . . never saved. Like Ahab, they are only attacked at “venture”.

This should not be what the Christians goes for. Instead of being an “Ahab Christian”, Christians should be more like “Jehoshaphat Christians”. Meaning, they go to battle as Christians and with the name of Christ and are attacked because of it. They go under the name and authority of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Notice the Pharisees and Scribes of Jesus’ time where never recorded as being attacked by demons . . . but Jesus and His disciples were. Peter was even targeted by Satan.

Jesus said that He did not come to heal the healthy (saved), but the sick (unsaved). Satan is always doing the opposite of God and targets the healthy and leaves the sick for Hell.

So, if you are not being pursued by demons or being attacked, persecuted, etc. for your faith, then there is probably something missing with it and it probably involves your lack of preaching the Gospel to the unsaved.

Ask yourself this question today and write down your answer somewhere (writing it down makes a huge difference): will demons bypass me because I am already going to Hell, or will they attack me because I am letting Christ live through me?

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