earth-from-space-1Yesterday, a 23-year-old man went into a airport in Los Angeles, targeted a Transportation Security Administrator (TSA) and opened fire. Two TSA agents were injured and one was killed. On the eve of such a cruel act, I always wonder what the people effected are thinking.

I wonder about them. I cannot feel their emotion because I do not know what it is like to lose a loved one or face such a traumatic experience and I cannot offer them words of comfort that others have not already offered.

But, I do want to ask a question of those who have heard of the shooting. Obviously this is a bad way to die and a traumatic experience, but what do you think is worse: to die with a bullet in you . . . or a pair of scissors through your skull?

See, everyday, a “school”, “airport”, etc. shooting is going on but it is happening in doctor’s offices with pairs of scissors, vacuums and other everyday objects.

Each day, humans are being torn apart, limb by limb . . . disemboweled!

Everyday, humans are getting their skulls ripped open and their brains sucked out!

Everyday, humans are sucked out of protection and ripped apart in a vacuum!

And, everyday, 7 billion people do nothing about it . . . stop abortion today!

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