inkwaterIn my Physical Science course we have been learning about heat energy (elementary, I know!). They explained to us that the movement of molecules determine the temperature and form of an object. They discussed briefly about how one can put a cold and hot object together and they eventually  will become the same temperature.

I, of course, thought about how Christians acts like that. Instead of being “salt and light” to the world, they are merely “hot” Christians but when they confront the sinful culture of this world, the world may adjust slightly for them but in the end they are equal with the world. They go from hot to lukewarm.

This got me thinking. If Christians aren’t supposed to be “hot” for God, what should they be?

Look at the above picture. You see a glass full of water (presumably) with purple ink being poured into it. Notice the ink before it touches the water? It is straight and pure. Now, look at the ink in the water. It is spread out and diluted from the influence of the water.

It may be better to look at it in a slighter smaller scale. Suppose you had a cup of water. You let one drop of dye into the water. That drop spreads out instantly and leaves the ink diluted and the water barely changed.

But, if you were to dump the dye in a quarter of a cup at a time, the dye would invade the water at a different level and would quickly overcome the water. The water would literally turn purple. The water molecules would change and the water would be dyed purple.

Did you notice how it doesn’t even take an even amount of dye and water to change the water completely? It only takes a fraction of the total amount for the current amount to be changed.

See, some Christians go into the world and preach the Word and are faithful, but they are like that one drop. They make an impact but they are spread out and don’t have as big of an impact as the quarter-cup.

But, the moral is not that only a huge group of Christians can impact America, quite the opposite. A single person can impact America through Christ amazingly but, the more people you have out there spreading and teaching the Word, the better the result is, always.

So, will you remain a “frayed force” between the world and God, or will you be a drop of pure dye that will impact the world through Christ?

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