A fascinating four-part series on some of God’s most amazing creations: stars.

There are few stars that have the size and fierceness of Canis Majoris. This star has been blowing off huge clouds of star-material at speeds exceeding 80,000 mph and have been sent off over a spans of time.

Although Canis Majoris has sent many bits and pieces of itself into space, it is still a gigantic star and passes up every one of the stars we have hitherto investigated.

Canis Majoris is so huge that you could place 12,019,506,721,007,330 earths inside. If you were to convert each one of those earths into a CD that could hold 80 minutes of music you would have enough music to listen to (if you happened to listen to it all day and all night) until you are 1,828,200,885,391 and a half  years + your age = how old you would be (in years). In short, you would be 1.8 trillion years old!

However, if you took those earths and transformed them into AA batteries you would have a mighty good time. You could take those batteries and line them end-to-end until you reach Pluto and then go around that planet 80,547,400 times.

“So what?” You may say. “The earth is tiny. We need something bigger to compare Canis Majoris too.”

You asked for it.

You can fit 9,260,999,992 and a half suns into Canis Majoris. If each one of those suns were the size of the moon (a rather pathetic size if you think about it) you could travel to Jupiter, around Jupiter 300 times, back to earth then to the sun, around the sun 500 times, back to the earth, then around the earth 500 million times then to the moon and back 15,784,278 times!

Let me guess, you want a bigger star to compare it to?

You can fit nearly 66 copies of Betelgeuse into Canis Majoris. That right there shows the massiveness of both Betelgeuse and Canis Majoris.


The truth is, God created all those stars and when we realize that the God of the universe just speaks these stars into existence it, once again, makes us drop our jaws.

God was right (as usual) when He spoke through Paul and said:

There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory. (1 Corinthians 15:41)


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