A fascinating four-part series on some of God’s most amazing creations: stars.

Betelgeuse is a very recognizable and popular star. It is located in the Orion constellation and can easily been seen as the red “armpit” of the Orion Hunter. This star is a red giant and has a varying magnitude of 1-.5 over a span of six years.

Because Betelgeuse is a red giant it is known as one of the largest stars known to exist. For comparison let’s use the earth.

You can fit 182,374,248,978,792 earths into Betelgeuse. To better understand this number we will turn each one of those 182,374,248,978,792 earths into bananas. You could line those bananas end-to-end and they would reach from earth to Eris, then from Eris to Jupiter, around Jupiter, back to earth, around earth 29,000 times, a trip to the sun, around the sun 350 times, then to the moon, around the moon 1 million times, then back to earth and back to the moon and back 44 times . . . with enough bananas left over to feed 3,000,000 monkeys, 791 times!

If you didn’t grasp that last one then you could take those bananas and go around the earth 866,536 times or to the moon and back 45,163 times. And if you cared to go further you could take those bananas and have each person in the entire world feed 14,029 monkeys, apes, etc. two bananas each!

If you were to insert Betelgeuse in place of the sun you would have a star that would destroy Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, Ceres (a dwarf planet) and engulf Jupiter, with all its’ moons with its’ (Betelgeuse’s) atmosphere. We are talking about a star that’s diameter would stretch 414,408,648,648 and a half 6’2” people! That would be enough people to populate (according to current population) 63 earths.

If you were to take those humans and place them at certain places (you could have one start at earth and start driving his car at 100 mph). After 40 years of non-stop driving he would pass the car to the next person and he or she would keep the same pace as the last and then pass it on to the next person after 40 years. By the time the car reached the end of the last person it would be 14,530,824,856,193,472,000 (or 2,471,859 lightyears) miles into space. With that mileage you could go around the entire orbit of the sun (a trip of an estimated 225 million years at 504,000 mph) . . . 14 and a half times!

By placement in the sky and our minds, God has ordained Betelgeuse with magnificent size, magnitude and popularity.

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