Lately, it has been well-popularized that 90% of kids “leave their faith” by the time they graduate. Answers in Genesis has advertised this fact and have dedicated much of their recent ministry to get kids firmly set back in faith. Their mission and the mission of many new sites and ministries is to lay a firm foundation in godly doctrine and faith.

They will try to lay down this strong foundation from transferring information from the mind and heart into resources that appeal to the mind and heart. However, there is an issue . . . the heart-to-heart connection isn’t always made and the foundation only becomes mind-to-mind learning. This type of learning is useful, of course, but it will not be applied by the student unless they feel some “heart” connection to it.

How is this connection formed? Gary Brown, from Reach America, says that we can form these connections if we incorporate “walking in Christ with others”. Walking with other Christians and developing the information together makes it easier for both people to retain and apply what they read and learn.

Without this connection between Christians and the application of lessons learned, the process of laying down a firm foundation in Christ is only passing information from one mind to another . . . anyone can do that. It takes very realistic and dedicated “abiding in Christ” to walk with another Christian and learn and apply the material together.

Awhile ago, I was facing a very difficult and trying time. I was then introduced into the ministry of Reach America and their teaching, learning, applying and “walking” with other Christians basically changed ow I viewed everything about my Christian life. I have never been so challenged to live a life for God . . . it has been amazing.

I greatly encourage you to go to Reach America’s site and watch their video they produced:

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