ArchaeopteryxEver since the discovery of Archaeopteryx in Germany, the idea that dinosaurs evolved into birds has been blown up to accept all kinds of ideas that are based on evolutionary thinking.

Supposedly, right from the finding of Archaeopteryx, this creature is a “missing link” in the evolution of dinosaurs to birds.  However, even this has lost its flavor.

Archaeopteryx is quite an amazing creature, but, unfortunately for the evolutionist, it is a complete bird. Granted, it may have some features that we don’t see on every bird, but, nonetheless, it is completely bird.

First of all, Archaeopteryx had fully-developed feathers. These feathers were not halfway between scales and feathers (a scaleather as I like to call it) but feathers that were completely capable of flying.

Evolutionists often try to trip creationists by saying that Archaeopteryx has a bony tail, claws on the wings and teeth in his mouth. They then state that birds don’t have these features.

This can dumbfound some people because they don’t know how to answer it. Truthfully, the answer dumbfounded me because it is so simple. The answer, “so?”

Now, you may be thinking that that is a stupid answer and that the evolutionist would jump all over you, but, that simple word really does make an impact.

When you say “so” about a bird having teeth, claws on wings, etc. you are making a stand that either you don’t care what it is or that you don’t care that it has some unique features. When you say “so” you must be very careful that you let your opponent know you are for the latter.

Why, “so”?

“So”, gives the evolutionists the impression that you don’t care if it has features that may only be found on that one specimen. After saying “so” you should clarify by telling the evolutionist that there are a lot of variations within kinds and that God made them that way so that they could thrive. Who knows, maybe Archaeopteryx’s bony tail saved it from vicious predators that would want him for an entrée?

Actually, some birds have the features that Archaeopteryx had, such as a bony tail, teeth, etc. But, many evolutionists forget to mention that. In fact, only those who have not done their research say Archaeopteryx is a dinobird. Instead, evolutionists are now saying Archaeopteryx is a complete bird!

Today we observe that one creature of the, for example, cow family has long horns, while others only have small ones. Does that mean the longhorn cow evolved to an elk (not of the cow family, mind you) then into a Red Angus cow? No!

Even if Archaeopteryx were to have 25 toes on its left foot, doesn’t mean much except that there are variations within kinds and that it does not point toward the conclusion that one creature completely evolved into a different one.

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