coalsJohn 3:16 is definitely the most popular verse (along with Joshua 24:15 and Philippians 4:13) when it comes to the world. Even the numbers, 3:16 have become known as the Gospel.

I’ve always found it interesting reading other books in the Bible and seeing what their “3:16” says. I’ve found some pretty good ones (all the verses in the Bible are important and good though) but Revelation’s applies so perfectly to this culture that I had to share it.

Revelation 3:16:

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

In this verse, as many Christians know, Christ is talking to the Laodiceans about their lives. This verse raises up a lot of questions about whether Christ was talking about people being saved (hot for Him) or un-saved (cold against Him) or talking about the properties of these waters.

For example, people say that Christ was saying that these people were Christians and that He would not say He would rather they were saved (hot) or un-saved (cold). They also say he meant each water to be looked at for the qualities or feelings it brought.

Hot water is known to heal and relax people. cold water is known to be refreshing. After working all day or exercising, you may take a cold drink of water to refresh yourself and then take a hot shower to relax your body.

Some people say this is what Christ meant; the “hot” Christians brought back a good quality to Christ and the world, the “cold” Christians brought refreshing qualities to Christ and the world whereas the lukewarm (or tepid) Christians brought no good qualities back to Christ.

This theory makes more sense than the first one because it sticks closer to the Biblical view of Christ and His mission. The first view contradicts some Biblical doctrines as it suggests:

Man can lose his salvation (Christ spewing us out of His mouth)

That being saved (hot) is is just as bad or good to being un-saved (cold)

These above notes completely contradict the Bible on many accounts so it makes more sense that Christ was referring to the qualities. He was talking about “works” in the previous verse so saying their works brought no redeeming value to Christ’s work makes perfect sense.

Christ’s spewing the lukewarm Christian out of His mouth stands for how his or her work will profit nothing for them or Christ because they do not do it with the right heart, attitude or reason. This is what it means when the Bible talks of lukewarm Christians: those who may be saved but have no real care for the advancement of God’s kingdom and if they do do good works they are not done righteously.

“Lukewarmism” is something that is prominent in this world, and something that absolutely needs to be stopped, before Christ spues them all out of His mouth!

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