ticketRecently, I saw a wristband on a Christian girl’s wrist (duh!). Anyway, this particular wristband had the “Skillet” insignia on it. This right away got me thinking but it wasn’t until a few days later that God really gave me the revelation that wristband was supposed to reveal.

In this world, Christians are always saying they need to read the world for Christ. Of course, they are right, but a lot of the time they do it the wrong way. One of the biggest ways they do this nowadays is through music. Christian bands turn to rock, rap and country music to “draw in the youth”. but, there methods are not working.

Think about it, at a Skillet (or another rock band) concert how many of those people in there are not Christians? Seriously, think about it. At a concert or meeting for Christians, you will have non-Chriistians there, but do you think the nonChristian attendance rate is any higher at a “Christian rock” concert? Probably not.

Now, if rock music, and rap and country isn’t drawing any extra unsaved people, who is it dragging in? Who are the listening majority for Skillet songs? The non-Christian . . . or the Christian? Definitely the Christian.

See, the dragnet these bands are saying they are casting out into the world is caught in their own boat and is dragging them down. They cannot escape it because it was meant by Satan to ensnare them, not rescue the unsaved.

No, rock, rap and country music, Christian or not, is not mean to trip up the world . . . they’ve already done that. That kind of music was made to trip up Christians so that their focus would turn from God and rest in the blasphemous presumption that God is a hip, fast-speaking dude drinking a beer! Blasphemy right from the “Christian” of today!

I wasn’t entirely sure that I was go to bring this up, but I believe it to be important. Recently, the band P.O.D. released a song called “I Am” and in it the “F” word was used. This is utterly despicable as the band is supposed to represent the work of Christ and yet it uses such a song to promote a swear word. Disgusting and vile.

It is here on the line of rock, rap and country that the line gets fuzzy. Who listens to P.O.D.’s music more, the non-Christian or the Christian? In this case, the worldly rock may be disguised under the name of “Christian”, and has weaseled its way into the homes of thousands of Christians. Why, Bride of Christ? Why?

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