Moloch_the_godTwo false gods are consistently, and persistently, named in the Bible: Molech and Baal. Baal is the most common name and lessons are normally taught off him. He is the big bad false god that nobody nowadays would ever think of worshiping.

But, the other god, Molech, is largely avoided and rarely mentioned in sermons, books or other Christian sources. Why? Because Molech was a god that required sacrificing of children, many Christians figure no one today would do that.

However, I believe the avoidance of Molech goes much deeper than that.

Most Christians I know have or will take birth control whenever the need arises. This birth control obviously tries to keep them from becoming pregnant. This was talked about more at Mini Multiplication.

This birth control taken by so many Christians has much of the same effect as Molech had in Bible times. Both Molech and birth control takes human life. Both take away one of God’s greatest blessings. Both take away the chance of a new life And both are disgusting in the eyes of God.

If one was to search up Molech in the Bible, he or she would find that he has some of the worst punishments associated with him, as well as the most warning for the Israelites. God did not want Molech in the lives of the Israelites at all.

Below are some of the punishments associated with Molech worship:

Cut off from Israel – for those that did not confront worshipers of Molech (Leviticus 20:5)

Death by stoning (Leviticus 20:2)

Similarly, in Genesis 38:9-10, we hear tell of a man who did his own form of birth control and God killed him. Simple as that.

Although I cannot dogmatically say, much less prove, that many Christians avoid Molech because they know God is speaking against their birth control but the overwhelming proof against birth control in the Bible is something many Christians do want to avoid.

Molech the false god is a god of choice, just like birth control, abortion, murder, etc.

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