According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, an atheist is someone who believes that there is no deity. And, of course, the description for “deity” would be any kind of god.

However, what is an atheist? The question is one that every single Christian should know.

As we learned from Merriam Webster’s dictionary, an atheist is anyone who does not believe in a god (whether it be God or false gods). So, with that definition no one would say that a Mormon is an atheist, for they believe in “God”, “Jesus” and other gods. And no one would say a Buddhist is an atheist for he believes in many gods.

And as far as the Muslims and Jews go they believe in “God”. They also believe Jesus was a “good teacher” but not the Savior. But, that doesn’t make them atheists because they still believe in an deity.

When you make it to what we call atheists you think they are atheists because they don’t believe in God, for sure, neither do they believe in a “higher being”. Nope, these atheists believe that evolution or some kind of process of chance made them.

So, by definition these atheists are not even atheists because they have a god they believe in! To tell you the truth, in order for someone to say “there is no God” he or she must be omnipresent, omnipotent and all the other omni’s that God is related with, so they can make that statement.

“Why?” You ask.

Because, if you state that there is no God then you must be everywhere and know everything because the second you might not be somewhere you may miss “God”. So, when someone says they are an atheist you know they are claiming themselves to be “God”. And if atheists are “gods” then they must have been made by other gods or they are eternal, so an atheist has to believe in a deity of some sort!

So, by definition, not a single person can say they are an atheist because it is impossible to be an atheist by the definition that we give them! Thus, we need to change the definition.

It is very difficult to change the meaning of the word without changing the word itself and it is because of this that we must make a very careful description of what a true atheist is.

The new definition for all Christians of an atheist should be the following:

A person who holds to the belief that God (as revealed in the Bible and the world) does not exist.

That definition of an atheist sure does through our definition of other religious group. For example, if we say that an atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in the One True God is an atheist then that must mean that Mormon is an atheist. And that Buddhist over there is an atheist.

And don’t forget about the Muslim over there and the Jehovah’s Witness.

“They are all atheists?”



“Because they have rejected the One True and Only God!”

See, when you put it in that perspective you can better see what we are up against in this battle “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)