A friend of mine recently gave me a story that she had written. Her story was written for young kids and in between parts she had sections where she explained what the story meant. After the first installment, she wrote something I’ll never forget:

Jesus gives us many treasures for the life that we are not living with Him. The Bible says that, He satisfies our desires with good things.” (Psalms 103:5) Think about all of the sweet smelling flowers that you have seen, the cheerful sounds of the birds, cool water to swim in, the tasty food to eat and many more gifts He has given. The Bible says, “every good and perfect gift is from God.” (James 1:17) He could have made the world grey, boring and tasteless, but because He is so good, He gave us all this beauty. And this beauty is a picture of how much Jesus really loves us.

You have to admit, that is pretty profound!

Look at the above pictures. Those are real pictures of the beautiful world we live in. A lot of people can only see death and rot in the world and, although it is there and we discuss it on this website quite a lot, the beauty reminds us of how much God loves us.

We can’t focus on the death and rot and forget about the beauty. This beauty, as my friend said, is a “picture of how much Jesus really loves us”. It is only a snippet of the love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have for us.

The world is a grand canvas for Jesus to paint out His love for us, but, on the cross and through the tomb, is when God and Jesus show us how much we matter to them. And this image of the cross can be seen almost anywhere.

You have the ground, from where the sharp nails came. You have trees and plants, from where the cross and crown of thorns came from. You have water, where Christ’s blood mingled. And you have air, from where Christ’s last words came, “it is finished!”

The world isn’t only the showcase of God’s love He says He has for us, it is a painting of the love He showed for us that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. It is simply amazing and something you should not put off lightly!