French_Fishing_Vessel_'Alf'_in_the_Irish_Sea_MOD_45155246I heard a very interesting story awhile back that I though I’d share with you.

There once was a old fisherman who would come home from the sea everyday with a boat brimming to the top with dead fish. Other fisherman would go out and barely catch enough for a good meal, but this man returned with a boatload each day.

This began to raise some suspicion so a Fish and Game Warden dressed up in plain clothes and went to meet the man. He finally coaxed the old man into letting him join him on his fishing trip. When they got out about a mile away from shore, the old Fisherman reached below his seat and pulled out a stick of dynamite. He lit it and threw it out to sea. The dynamite hit the water and exploded, bringing up a huge catch of dead fish.

The Fish and Game Warden was appalled. He grabbed the old fisherman and said, “you’re crazy! You can’t blow up the lake to catch fish. That is illegal. I’m a Fish and Game Warden so I’m afraid I’ll have to take you in.”

The old fisherman calmly removed the warden’s hands, reached under his seat, grabbed a stick of dynamite, lit it and placed it in the warden’s hand. The old fisherman winked and said, “are we going to talk all day or are we going to fish?”

OK, after you get done laughing, think about the message of such a story. Why do we spend all day talking to people but we don’t get out and witness to them? Someone once said, that each person moderately involved with people will impact 10,000 people! If you are a Christian and you impact people even with a moderate demeanor, you could influence 10,000 people for Christ!

So, are we going to talk, or are we going to start fishing?