New Picture (2)What makes the Gospel so appalling to so many today? The spreading of a false Gospel, perhaps? That is usually deters people from each other, is some kind of lie. But, just like with the occasionally slip of the tongue, the spreading of a false Gospel can be unattended at the moment it was preached.

See, many Christians are out evangelizing that Christianity is some carefree, feel-good life. It isn’t. At least it shouldn’t be. I once read that if you are not being persecuted (maybe just verbally) for your faith on a fairly regular basis then you were not preaching it. It seems the biggest persecution Christians have today is having to stand in church when worshiping.

But, what is so wrong with teaching that Christianity is a carefree life? Wrong? It is a lie. When someone “tries out” (as most common response when confronted with the “happy Gospel”) Christianity they will usually fall away as soon as some sort of persecution arises.

This is a problem. One Ray Comfort has devoted much of his ministry to solving. Please listen to his audio here. Meanwhile, I’d like to make one more point about the carefree life of a Christian.

Can you look through the Bible and name one person who followed God and did not face some sort of persecution? Abel: martyr. Elijah: constant persecution. Elisha: constant persecution. Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Daniel, David, Jonah, Job, Peter, John, Paul, and the list goes on. Did any of them not experience persecution? Think on that for awhile before your preach your next session of a carefree, Christian life . . . to yourself.