tragedyMore than once I have read the plagues that fell upon Egypt in the time of Moses. While reading those I thought to myself, “what about all the innocent Egyptian people that were punished for Pharaoh’s hardened heart?”

Now, being older and able to understand the universal acceptance of sin, I see the answer to the multiple tragedies in the Bible, and even the ones that happen today.

Tragedies in the Bible range from disease to famine, animal-related to human-related, human-caused to angel-caused, and from the hand of God to the hand of Satan. What is the purpose of these tragedies? I mean, does God just let disease, famine, angels, humans, animals and Satan run around causing tragedies? Or does He keep it in order?

First of all, nothing happens without God’s knowledge and permission. Notice, I didn’t say approval. God never condones death or any sort of tragedy; however, He will give permission for it to happen. It is His permission alone that drives what can and cannot happen in this world.

Anyway, as far as the tragedies go, both present and ancient, I see it this way.

God’s love for us is so incredibly strong that He gives us freewill. In other words, He allows us to make our choices of whether to follow the “straight and narrow” or the “wide” that leads to destruction. God lets us chose. But, do you know the path we chose? The wide.

This world is so obsessed with sin and so arrogant that they would blame tragedies on God, because He gives us free choice, and then they turn around and call Him a kill-joy and that He won’t let them have any “fun”! That is what I call a world in a bad state.

See, it isn’t God that causes these tragedies, it is man. Why do we keep blaming the Infinite Creator who gives us freewill for the bad choices we make by exercising that will? We truly are a twisted world.

As for those “innocent” Egyptians . . . there weren’t any. Anybody that was innocent could have fled to Goshen and repented. The same characteristics stay on till this day. If a tragedy happens, flee to God and repent.