As you probably all know, I have been trying for years to get published. Whether it be my books or articles, I wanted to be published. This has been my mission for a long while now and I had submitted many queries, articles and such to multiple magazines. I was turned down. Sometimes, I was even turned down because of my age.

Although it was disappointing, I kept on persevering and God blessed me when I least deserved it. One magazine liked my work and have been working on getting it published this next spring or summer. They have yet to decide, but when they do I will put up a thing here about it and direct you to the magazine. It is, naturally, on the American badger (which seems to be my personal mascot).

The other magazine, Creation, had rejected two of my previous articles (for reasons of my own causing [mistakes in writing and such]) but when I proposed a third article on abortion and told them about the other magazine, they were very interested.

The editor who I was put in contact with, a wonderful, grandmotherly woman named Margaret Wieland, then asked to see my article out of interest.

She wrote shortly later and said she had enjoyed my article and wanted me to write one about the American badger for their magazine. I was blown away. You know what they say, “when it rains it pours.”

Well, I worked endlessly on the article for them and sent it in. After some weeks of working on it some more, it has been published in this fall’s issue of Creation magazine! This is a huge accomplishment and I hope to work with Creation more as it has been a wonderful experience interacting with them.

Please, subscribe to their magazine, Creation. It is filled to the brim with amazing information every Christian should know. This is a must for Christians! You can get their magazine by subscribing HERE.

Thank you Marg and David for your help, you have no idea how much this all means to me!