AmericanBadgerLately, I had to study the badger for an article I had to write for a magazine. I am surprised how much I learned from these creature, most of it spiritually.


Jesus Christ, in John 12:25, told us that whomever hates his life in this world will find his life in eternal heaven. This is a promise of eternal life and a command for Christians not to be attached to this world. When Christians are attached to this world they cannot escape the evil clutches of the devil. The badger taught me the very same thing.

The hide of the American badger is very loose and not tightly connected to the badger. Because of this, the badger can, with the right advantages and genius, escape from its predators mouth. This is due to the fact that the attacker will be holding the hide of the badger in his mouth instead of getting a firm grip on the actual body. If the badger can moves his body the hide will soon follow and the attacker will be dumbstruck.


We humans seem to have a taste for sin. We love to dabble in it and make big risks. It is because of this that God has commanded us, in Ephesians 6:16, to take up the shield of faith to block the fiery darts of the devil. This is divine wisdom (of course) and can be seen, once again, in the design of the American badger. Amazing how God keeps bringing this guy back to teach us more.

The badger likes to eat rattlesnakes. It is a weakness for him because the creature can easily strike and kill the badger. However, even if the badger is struck it doesn’t die. Why not? See, this loose hide once again protects the body.

When the rattlesnake injects the venom into the badger, the poison is sent into the detached hide of the creature, never entering the bloodstream or body itself. Sure, it still damages the badger but it is not nearly as destructive. The only presumably weak spot on the badger is its nose.


The American badger is a wonder of creation but it also relays on us important messages about our spiritual life. We need to be detached fro this world and put faith in what God has given us: Jesus Christ.